Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow, Six Inches to be exact

As most of you already know, it snowed Tuesday. We got about six inches.

Here are some pictures:

My brother's snowman

All O' us guys

Jessica trudging up the hillJessica with a snow ball


While sledding by a pond by our house, we kept getting closer and closer to the pond until...

BAM! I fell in the pond. Well not really the pond, just a pool that branched off from it.

In all of this we managed to watch the inauguration, and I managed to create a website: Its still a work in progress so don't get your hopes up.

Thanks for reading!



Mimi Elise said...

wow - kewl, we only got 1/4 of a inch!

Robert said...

It was fun sledding down the hill.
The snowman's name is Mr. Marshmallow

Lauren said...

LUCKY! 6 inches of snow! no way! thats not even legal! hehe
rhettandlink came to your bible study? were they nice? are they christians????

Lizzie said...

Wow, great pictures!!! I really like the ones of the trees, they look kinda like Narnia... it was a very Narnian snow. :D

Caroline said...

WWOWW!! thats alot of snow! we only got like an inch! (or less)maybe next time! it was just enough to sled.

Marck said...

Lauren, I didn't talk to them at all, but they seemed nice. They are Christians, but, I don't think it matters if they consider themselves 'Christians' or not, 'believer' is a better term in my opinion.

Lizzie, yes, it was very Narnian snow. Wispy, powdery etc.

sharon said...


Believer in CHRIST or Messiah, not just a believer in any old somebody or something...Right?

cousin abby:D said...

hey marck!! i got a blog... i'm not logged on right now but here's the url:

check it out. hehe- no one's really seen it yet.

Robert said...

Ill-m-I is a good song