Friday, January 16, 2009

Denny's, and why NOT to go there on Saturday night

This past weekend I want to a car show in Charlotte with my Grandpa.
The account is as follows:

We left Friday morning and had a pretty no-eventful trip down.
When we got there, we went to the fairgrounds (at Metrolina Speedway) and plundered around a bit. We bought a trailer hitch ball and some automobilia (old car literature), ate chicken tenders, etc.
Since we ate the chicken tenders at about 3:00 PM, we weren’t very hungry for dinner. So we ended up eating pizza at 8:45 PM.

The next day we got up and ate breakfast with the guard cat (a gold tabby cat that hangs around the hotel), checked out, and went on to the fairgrounds.
We went to the car corral; saw a Studebaker Lark Daytona wagon, Jaguar XJ8 with a Corvette engine, and a Plymouth Superbird Road Runner kit car.
We walked around a bit more, skipped lunch and started to head home.

Right around Pfafftown NC, we stopped to see a guy with some Buick Reatta parts cars. He showed us his cars that he had at his shop (Including Five Reattas).
Most of his collection consisted of 30’s and 40’s cars.
After we spent about two hours there, we headed off to find dinner…

Dinner, as it happened, was at a Denny’s about 15 minutes away.
This particular Denny’s was very full of screaming children. It happened to be kids eat free night, and someone had brought a birthday party.
We ate dinner, then hit the road again. We got home about 8:30ish with a lot of strange memories.



Natalie said...

Pfafftown?! Wow, y'all were about 10 minutes from where I live!

abby (2nd cousin!) :) said...

ha! i've been to denny's.... yes, many screaming children. that was the night kid's eat free. wahoo. * not so enthusiastically*
y'all were like 2 minutes away from us! :D

Bassman560 said...

Oh, your THAT Abby, how did I not get that?

The Mattrix said...

Denny's is the worst chain ever. We avoid that place like the plague. Which it is, their food tastes like the dark ages...

Bassman560 said...

Wow, that’s harsh.
Yeah we try to avoid Dominos Pizza about the same way, except that it more quantity problems, not quality.
what exactly does the 'dark ages' taste like?

Jessica said...

I must like Dark Ages food...

abby said...

wait is it just me or in some of the past posts do you just make the title whatever popped into ur head at the moment? maybe i just don't understand magnetic microwaves. ? ! hehe.:)

Jessica said...

Yeah, he's random like that... :P